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Working time management

The basis of the RIS4i system is the registration of the working time of employees which can be easily upgraded with all the functions (modules) needed for faster and simpler operation. It forms the basis of the RIS4i which enables the input of basic matrix data on employees, basic applications for functioning, control and management of events, review of data and the production of standard statements and reports.

Working Time Registration with ID Card

Working time registration

The registration of working time presents the basis of the RIS4i system. It is implemented with the use of identity cards which are given to the employees who in turn use them to register at their regular and extraordinary arrivals/departures at the registration terminal. The terminal then uses communication elements to enter the registration data in the RIS4i system. The RIS4i system manager monitors the data and prepares them for statistics or the calculation of payments.

The basic software includes:

  • Personal data - import and organisation of the employees' personal data,
  • Organiser - Basic and Advanced organiser of working time registrations,
  • E-diary - monitoring and organisation of the employees' working time,
  • Processing - processing of the employees' working time,
  • Reports - various reports for making business decisions,
  • Registration groups - maintenance of the groups, calendars, schedules ...,
  • Administration - maintenance of the system.

On-line Registration for Remote Locations

Remote registration

The Remote Registration module can be used from a remote location, e.g. from home. In order to implement a remote registration we do not need a registration terminal or identification cards. An employee only requires Internet access, a username and password to register in the RIS4i system.

Mobile Registration with Smart Phone (NFC)

Mobile Registration with Smart Phone (NFC)

For employeeswhose work is mostly out of office or in remote locations without an internet connection, we recommend you mobile registration with your smart phone (with NFC communication). A NFC enabled Smart Phone serves as a Registration Terminal and an NFC tag or reader is an Identification Element.

Planning and Allocation of Working Time

Planning and allocation of working time

Planning and Allocation is an expert module used for manual or automatic allocation of employees to different work sites, positions of work and work shifts.

It is suitable primarily for working environments where the allocation of employees and monitoring of changes and developments require a lot of time and administrative work; e.g. in the field of production, health, social security, tourism, etc.

The system optimises the requirements at individual sites and enables you to organise working processes well as well as use the working time of the employees in the best possible way.

Electronic Permit

Electronic permit

An electronic permit is used for announcement and approval of all kinds of absences from work during working hours via e-mail, thus replacing written permits. The electronic permit can be used without a keyboard on the terminal and can therefore not be misused.


Data on all announced, approved and used absences are automatically registered, so it is not necessary to enter them manually.

Planning of Absence from Work

Planning of absence from work

The planning of absence from work functions similarly as an electronic permit. It is used for the announcement and/or approval of more than 30 kinds of absences for one or more days, such as holiday allowance, sick leave, education, business trips, etc.

Data on all announced, approved and used absences are automatically registered, so it is not necessary to enter them manually.



Infomat is used by employees to access data on the number of working hours, holiday allowances, lunch tickets, etc. Infomat can serve as a common information point in a company. It can be used with identification cards or employees can access it on their personal computer by entering their username and password.

Preparation of Data for the Calculation of Payments

Preparation of data for the calculation of payments

The program interface for the transfer of data to the module for the calculation of payments is used for calculations and transfer (of types of payments for attendance, absence, reimbursement for lunch, transport to work ...) between different programs for the calculation of payments.

Management of Work Orders

Management of work orders

This module is used for the monitoring of production and services in processes employing work orders. It enables the issuing of work orders for employees, monitoring their implementation and assessing work efficiency.

A simpler version of the module is intended for a single input of a monthly work order.

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