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HRM information system

HRM information system KADRIS 4 is a contemporary software tool for comprehensive support of Human Resource Mamnagement functions - from searching for skilled personnel, recruiting, management of personal data, monitoring of effectiveness and development of an individual’s career to the time an individual spent in the company and possible reemployment.

In addition to employee management on all levels, simplifying processes in the area of personnel management and the merging of personnel functions in associated companies, the system enables analyses of personnel data on organisational different levels and personnel controlling.

It can be used in small-, medium- or large-size companies.

The Personnel Register module represents the basis of the system. KADRIS 4 is a modular system and can therefore be introduced gradually and adapted to individual needs and wishes.

Personnel Records

Personal Register

The Personnel Rerords is the basic module which is used for simple, fast and effective management of the basic personnel processes:

  • Organisation is intended for the maintenance of one or more organisational structures that are not limited in number,
  • Systemisation of Workplaces is used for the management of data relating to positions of work,
  • Personnel Folder comprises all necessary data on the employees and their family members,
  • Allocations are intended for establishing connections between employees and their positions of work as well as the keeping of data for the calculation of payments,
  • Documents, Statements and Reports in the form of default forms  make the preparation of a larger number of personnel documents faster,
  • Reminders and Alarms are intended for automatic monitoring of deadlines and timely notification via e-mails,
  • Universal Interface for Data Export and Import is used for the transfer of documents to/from text, Excel and HTML files.

Education Center

Education Center

The information centre offers knowledge needed for the complete and comprehensive management of all educational processes (from maintenance of the educational catalogue and preparation of an annual plan to the offers of individual courses) and the recording of data on the presence at seminars (including appurtenant costs, statistical reports and analyses for the assessment of effectiveness of educational activities and business decision-making processes).

The Education Centre module includes the following features:

  • a catalogue of classified offers,
  • offers of educational activities,
  • planning of educational activities,
  • reporting and support of decision-making processes.

Company Leadership

Company Leadership

Goal-oriented leadership is intended for information support to managers on different levels when leading individuals and groups. It is used for the decomposition, definition and assessment of the implementation of goals of an individual or a group with respect to the factors of success of an organisation.

Development of the personnel enables the review of the competences of employees, planning of their development on the basis of annual interviews and for the assessment of the work potential of an individual and the planning of a career and succession.

The Company leadership module includes the following items:

  • annual interviews, dialogues (self-assessment, supervisor's assessment, 360 degrees assessment),
  • support of the goal-oriented management based on indicators and success factors,
  • planning of educational activities,
  • career planning.

Support of Decision Making Process

Support of Decision Making Process

Support of decision-making processes is intended for statistical reporting and the production of various reports on business decision-making, analysing past decisions and for simulations of future situations.

The KADRISstat module includes the following main functionalities:

  • graphs and reports according to various criteria,
  • comparison of competences in different positions of work,
  • review of the current situation, trends,
  • analyses of past situations and the possibility of simulations of future situations.

Hierarchy and Organisation

Hierarchy and Organisation

By using the Hierarchy and Organisation module you can organise the list of employees in a way that suits the hierarchical organisation for a specific activity. You can create and organise various hierarchical structures of employees for different purposes (e.g. for the planning of education, annual interviews etc.).


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