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The Employment module supports the entire process of finding new employees - from the job vacancy to the employment of the selected candidate. Finding people with the right talents who will occupy the key or required jobs starts in the company. HR managers are helped by a search engine for employees with those competencies that are needed in key positions in your company. If there are no real talents in the company, they need to be found outside. The Employment module enables the publication of vacancies and support in the process of finding a new candidate. It enables the preparation of a vacancy notice and an overview of the applications received. The prepared tender is published on the company's intranet or website together with the contact form for submitting tender data. The employment manager monitors the applications for published tenders and uses various criteria to find candidates who meet the requirements of the tender.  Recruitment also enables interview planning and interview record keeping. In the final phase, it enables the printing of the necessary documents in the pre-employment phase and the transcription of data into the Personnel Records module when the candidate is selected. 

When failing to find talent within the company, it is necessary to search for people outside the organization. The module provides support to the internal and public posting of job vacancies and is integrated with a number of employment service portals. You can order candidate applications by different criteria, select and notify candidates, and manage the candidate application database.

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