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Personnel Records

Personnel Records

Personnel Records is core HRM module that guides the user through typical personnel processes and enables efficient management of employee data. The time component allows you to simulate past or future events. Fields of usage:

  • first job,
  • job classification,
  • personnel files (maintenance of data on employees and their family members),
  • distributions (the link between employees, jobs and cost centers and payroll data),
  • automatic calculations (eg. age of employees, length of service and insurance, annual leave),
  • reminder calendar (automatic monitoring of important deadlines and e-mail notifications),
  • easy production of reports with the possibility of export to EXL, ODS and CSV or additional editing via the functionality of interactive printouts, the export of data for salaries.

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Benefits for users: 

  • Dynamic calendar of tasks
    Personnel calendar with a list of all the urgent tasks for which you usually write notes - now the personnel system will remind you by e-mail in time for each task. You can also set your own personal reminders.
  • Timeline
    Are you interested in the staffing situation one, two ... ten years ago in your company? Wondering who will qualify for retirement in half a year? Since each data in the personnel records of KADRIS 4 has a time validity (from-to), you can move to the past or future in the personnel records as you wish. Namely, every data in the personnel records of KADRIS 4 has a time validity.
  • One system for all your businesses
    You no longer need staffing programs if you have subsidiaries or partner companies in addition to the parent company. The personnel records of KADRIS 4 enable several organizational structures in one system.
  • Integration into your business environment
    Integration with the wider information environment is a necessary part of modern business environments, which is why the KADRIS 4 system already includes standardized interfaces for importing / exporting data to other systems.

Personnel records are much more than a spreadsheet with employee data. In combination with other modules of the KADRIS 4 information system, which, in addition to the Human Resource Management (HRM), also cover Time and Attendance (T&A), Payroll and access control, you get comprehensive IT solutions for efficient employee management.

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