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e-VEM Portal HRM Interface

e-VEM Portal HRM Interface

HRM interface for the e-VEM government portal in KADRIS 4 provides a connection between personnel records and the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS). The module enables the sending and monitoring of data on your employees and their family members for social and health insurance without manually entering data on the ZZZS portal. This way you can monitor the status of all logins, changes, and logouts at the same time. 

With the e-VEM interface, you can perform several procedures from the personnel records without manually entering data:

  • registration of an employee, partner or sole proprietor in compulsory social insurance (M-1 form),
  • transmission of changes in data for persons insured in compulsory social insurance (M-3 form),
  • disenroll employees from compulsory social security insurances (M-2 form),
  • enroll employees in occupational injury and occupational disease insurance (M-12 form).

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