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HRM information system

KADRIS 4 Human Resource Management component is part of all-in-one information technology solutions for efficient workforce management integrating the Human Resource Management (HRM), Time and Attendance (T&A), and Payroll components on one unified platform. KADRIS 4 Human Resource Management component with personnel records at its core is much more than an electronic spreadsheet with employee data. It enables comprehensive digital support to the employer in HR management and monitors the employee from the arrival in the team until the potential departure.

In the first step, it enables recruitment, introduction, assessment of competencies and rapid introduction to work processes, and later targeted management and insight into the development of skills. It facilitates two-way communication, encourages feedback and enables efficient knowledge transfer. With graphical interfaces, it enables the understanding of work performance and places it alongside the masses of existing data. By combining this data within the system, it makes a key contribution to correct remuneration and facilitates decisions on promotion and succession. Within the framework of dynamic personnel records, which represent the foundations of such an information system, it is also possible to keep data on planned medical examinations of employees, reminders for occupational safety training, risk assessments and reservations.


“Personnel records with the underlying timeline and the reminder calendar will convert any perplexing multitude of files into a simple HR Management toll making data available on a single click.”


The right people in the right job positions can be a company’s greatest asset. The key is to recognize these people and help them develop their talents to help the company pursue its goals. KADRIS 4 with a series of HR modules enables comprehensive talent management in your company.

KADRIS 4 HRM component

Picture: KADRIS 4 HRM modules

KADRIS 4 HRM modules

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