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How does it work?

The system combines software, hardware and identification cards or pendants. Each employee receives an identity card which is used for registration at the registration terminal. All events are registered in a database controlled by the system manager through a web application.

The system manager monitors, organises, prints and exports the complete record on employee working time.

Software is modular and the system can therefore be introduced gradually as well as be adapted to individual needs and wishes.

It encompasses more than 30 modules divided into four main groups:

Hardware consists of:

ID media are identification cards, key tags nad smart phones. Cards and key tags operate the same way and have their own advantages. Cards can have tailor made design. Key tags can be attached to the neckstrap tape or keys, thereby reducing the possibility of being lost. 

Benefits and advantages

The Registration information system is an indispensable tool for effective management of working time in every company or organisation since it:

At the same time the RIS4i system offers effective solutions in the fields which might seem unimportant and which usually cannot be managed by big and expensive information systems.

Technical characteristics

The RIS4i system is based on web technology. It is constructed on the Oracle database which is installed on a database server and receives HTTP demands from users through web browsers. The operating logics are placed on a common database server and the users therefore do not have to download any additional programs and can use an ordinary web browser. In this way we can avoid the problems which might appear during the downloading of client programs. Because of this structure, every change of data and/or applications within the system is simultaneously available to all users in all locations of the company.

Management of this system is simple and fast, and its maintenance is not expensive since all the modifications can be implemented in one place.

The Registration information system can be connected to the KADRIS personnel information system. It can also be connected with all of the more widely spread information systems, such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Navision, or BAAN as well as with the programs for the calculation of payments.

More information?

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