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Electronic toll collection system

This solution offers an additional modern option of toll collection with multi-purpose contactless cards.

How it works?

The system is designed so as to enable road users to pay the toll using a card. A user places the card near the read-write device located in a toll station booth.

After the classification of a vehicle, the toll is deducted from the total balance on the card which is shown on a display and then the gate opens. The driver can also ask for a receipt.

RW devices used for toll cards that are installed in toll stations booths are protected against severe weather conditions and other possible disturbances.

Benefits and advantages

Non-cash payment of a toll is simpler, faster and user-friendly.

It increases traffic flow capacity at toll stations which is problematic especially during rush hours in the tourist season. Payment with a toll collection card is namely faster than payment in cash or with credit cards.

In comparison to an electronic tablet, the ABC system for example, a contactless card is not limited to toll-rate categories and to high-speed or combined lanes.

The multi-purpose card enables payment with the money on the account or without it and can be transferred between vehicles and toll-rate categories. If there is not enough money on the card, drivers only identify the number of times they passed through a toll station and invoices are sent to them once a month.

More information?

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