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About KADRIS 4 Cloud solutions

KADRIS 4 Cloud is a subscription model of using software solutions in the cloud for medium-sized businesses and organizations. It enables quick and easy digitization of Human Resource and Time & Attendance Management.

Digitization of HRM processes

Personnel Records

The Personnel Records module enables a comprehensive implementation of personnel processes – from starting a cooperation, changes to the employment relationship, all the way to the final termination of employee tenure, all in one place.

Event calendar with e-mail reminders to notify you of important events, and a timeline enabling you to move forward and simulate a point in the future or move backward to look up data in the past, facilitate a fast and transparent execution of administrative tasks.

  • Company information: basic data about the company.
  • Company organization: hierarchical organization structure, jobs, cost centers, and workplaces by organizational unit.
  • Job systematization: job descriptions, benefits and work conditions, work skills, knowledge, tariff classes, paygrades, educational attainment and professional competence.
  • Employee personal files: contact and personal data, educational attainment data, family members, skills, knowledge, years of service information, leave quota decision, medical exam appointments and referrals, benefits, apprenticeship, probational and contract work.
  • Job/position and grade assignments: assignment within the organization – relation between an employee and job/position, cost centers and payroll information.
  • Automatic calculations: employee age, years of service, pensionable years, annual leave, jubilee reward candidates, work seniority.

Personnel Records

eHRS (e-VEM) Portal HRM Interface*

Integration with the eHRS interface (former e-VEM) on the SPOT governmental portal supports the automated enrollment of employees in mandatory health and social security insurance.

  • Enroll/disenroll employees in mandatory social security insurances (M-1 form).
  • Submit changes to people enrolled in mandatory social security insurance (M-3 form).
  • Disenrollment of the insured person from mandatory social security insurance (M-2 form).
  • Enroll/disenroll employees in occupational injury and occupational disease insurance (M-12 form).

*Valid only for companies registered in Slovenia. 

eHRS (e-VEM) Portal HRM Interface

Personal Portal (for employees)

The Personal portal provides an electronic exchange of documents with employees and allows employees direct self-service access to:

  • their own HRM data and documents such as payslips, information on gross and net salary, years of service, annual leave quota notification, agreements, and annexes,
  • timesheet,
  • available learning events, registration to learning events, attended learning event grades,
  • a module that supports Annual Performance Appraisal interviews.

Employees can access their Personal portal by logging into their user account anytime and anywhere, thus relieving the HRM and accounting departments of tedious work as this eliminates the need to print documents and notify employees by phone. The use of the Personal portal streamlines HRM processes improves communication and boosts employee user experience and satisfaction.

Personal Portal

Managers' Portal

Managers' portal is available to managers and supervisors to access the data related to particular manager's employees for review and editing. The portal supports absence approval, business trip approval, learning event enrollment, and the process of Annual Performance Appraisal interviews. Moreover, it offers reports and charts related to labor costs and information on attendance/absence and thus supports managers in decision making. The use of the Personal portal streamlines HRM processes improves communication and boosts employee user experience and satisfaction.

Managers' Portal

Annual Performance Appraisal Interview

Digitization of Annual Performance Appraisal Interview enables the tasks and processes of all the involved stakeholders (HR department, managers, employees) to be planned, managed and implemented from a single point. It allows managers to have a guided conversation with employee about their work, development and promotion. The Annual Performance Appraisal Interview process includes self-evaluation, manager's appraisal and the entry of a mutually agreed result. It offers an overview of employee's work and assessment, appraisal of goal and task realization, and the overall employee performance evaluation. The module also supports the definition of future goals and tasks agreed upon between the manager and the employee. An analysis of the performed interviews is also provided.

Annual Performance Appraisal Interview

Learning Event Management

Learning event management supports planning, management, organization and monitoring of learning events and thus systematic employee development in their competencies from a single point. It enables managers and the HR department to monitor and analyze the process, review the time and resources invested in training, and at the same time assess the impact of the investment. Employees can access the list of available learning events and the archive of learning events, and can register for events.

Learning Event Management

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Registration, attendance tracking as stipulated by laws

Employee clock-ins and clock-outs are recorded at the registration terminal using ID media (cards, tags, smartphone), in the web application or via the mobile app. All the mentioned T&A registration methods facilitate fast and accurate recording of clock-ins and clock-outs to and from facility, office, business trips, meal break, work from home or field work.

Classical or basic T&A registration is performed using an ID medium at the T&A terminal or registration device installed at the entrance to the business premises. The T&A terminal primarily performs employee clock-in or clock-out when arriving or departing from work, starting or ending a lunch break, and starting or ending a business trip. Clock-in types are customizable to your needs. You can choose between buying or leasing the T&A terminal as part of your subscription package.

Time and Attendance Registration

Online Time and Attendance Registration

Active users and employees have the option of clocking-in and out in the web application. Employees log in the application with their username and password and record their start of work, end of work and various attendance types by simply clicking a button. Such online registration is especially suitable for locations where the installation of a classic registration point or registration terminal and the use of ID media is not feasible or economically justifiable.

Online Time and Attendance Registration

Work Outside Workplace or time tracking from home

Pursuant to the Labor and Social Security Registers Act (and despite exceptional circumstances), the employer is obliged to keep time tracking records on working hours, work outside the workplace, or work from home, as the law does not provide for any exceptions. The solution developed for this purpose enables all employees to register online and record working hours specifically for this type of work – work from home or work outside the workplace. Employees log in to the application with their username and password and record their start of work, end of work, attendance type, and enter a short report on the completed work.

Work Outside Workplace width=

KADRIS 4M mobile app or time tracking using a smartphone

KADRIS 4M is a mobile app for time tracking and absence requests/approval and monitoring on iOS and Android platforms. It enables quick, secure, and easy time tracking with the possibility of fixing the location (by means of NFC stickers or control points) and managing employee absence anywhere and anytime – on-premises, in the field, or from home. Functions are available also during internet or mobile network outages, as the data will be transferred the next time the device connects to the network.

KADRIS 4M mobile app

Absence Management

The communication regarding the announcement, approval, and rejection of absences or additional work that takes place between employees and managers is carried out from a single point. E-mail notifications are used to alert the involved parties of requests, approval, and rejection.

  • E-Permit supports advance notice and approval of absences during working hours (e.g. business trip or personal errands), as well as advance notice and approval of extraordinary work and overtime work. E-permit requests can be submitted using the T&A terminal, web application, or mobile app.
  • Absence Planning enables employees to give advance notice and request full-day absences, such as leave, training, study leave, business trip, and similar. Absence requests can be submitted using a T&A terminal, web application, or mobile app.

Absence Management

eBOL Interface or automatic retrieval of sick leave e-certificates*

Integration with the eBOL interface on the SPOT portal enables you to automatically retrieve eBOL forms (sick leave e-certificates), digitally transfer the data into the calculation of attendance types related to sickness absence, and data export for the external Payroll system.

*Valid only for companies registered in Slovenia.

eBOL Interface

Travel Orders

Digitization of travel orders supports the management of the entire process of a business trip on the domestic territory or abroad. It covers a six-step process from announcement and approval to the preparation of data for the reimbursement of expenses for the external Payroll system and uses e-mail notifications at each step. The employee announces the planned business trip (one-day or repeated absence, in Slovenia or abroad), the manager approves the request or rejects it, and after the trip, the employee enters any additional expenses (e.g. parking, toll, accommodation) and options that affect the reduction of the per diem allowance (breakfast, lunch, dinner). When the manager approves or rejects the travel order statement of account, the data for the reimbursement of expenses will be prepared.

Travel Orders

Analysis and Timesheet Export to Payroll

Employee attendance and absence information is available in the employee's Personal portal as well as in the Managers' portal so that the data can be checked and correctness is ensured. Recorded clocking events are converted into hours of regular, extraordinary, or overtime work, business trips, leaves, public holidays, sick leaves, or other attendance types. At the end of the month, the data are ready for export to an external Payroll system.

Analysis and Timesheet Export

Access Control

Access Control

Access control is a security system consisting of software and hardware that allows individuals or groups to access certain facilities, enter or leave certain premises. Access control system works with a single ID card or a combination of several different ID media (smartphones, cards, key tags) and ensures comprehensive security of employees, business systems, and company assets.

Access Control

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