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Digitization of HR Management and Time and Attendance 

Program solutions in the cloud for medium-sized companies.

Benefits Packages and Pricing 

Are you considering digitization of HR Management and Time and Attendance?

Are you looking for a solution with specific key features that will enable you to:

HR documentation

manage HR documentation and reminders and timesheets in a single platform?



submit M-forms and communicate in both directions with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia?


Self-service access

offer employees a self-service access to their timesheets, pays lips, leaves of absence and other data?


Heads of departments

offer heads of departments an overview of their employee attendance and labor costs


Appraisal interviews and learning

offer heads of departments and the HRM a unified platform for annual performance appraisal interviews and learning event planning?


Clock-in and clock-out

support a variety of clock-in and clock-out methods (via a time and attendance terminal, online application or mobile app)?


Absence request entry and approval

offer employees and managers attendance overview and absence request entry and approval?


Travel orders

automate the management and accounting of business trips and travel orders?


Data export

customize settings and export time and attendance data for your payroll system?


Why to choose KADRIS 4 Cloud?

HR department

Cut the HRM workload

Employees can access their own data in a self-service manner, which allows the HRM department to focus on human resource development in accordance with the company's strategy.


Transparency and data integrity due to a unified platform

You maintain all relevant HR documents, including timesheets on unified platform or mutual program. Your extensive data set can be transformed into charts and reports with a simple click to support the management in making business decisions.


Responsibility for the correctness of data shifts towards employees themselves

Employees become responsible for the accuracy and consistency of their attendance registration in accordance with internal rules applicable to Time and Attendance. Bad habits, such as late clock-back-in from lunch, early clock-out from work and late clock-in to work, inconsistencies in booking business trip expenses and so on, suddenly cease to be an issue.

Advanced approach

Advanced Time Tracking approach

Choose the method of Time and Attendance registration that best suits your work environment (office, multiple locations, field, work from home). You can track your time with a mobile app, online, or using a classical T&A terminal.

Subscription plan

Subscription plan for the used services

Select a package of solutions that you actually need. Pay a monthly subscription fee for the use of services offered in your selected package. You will only be charged for the users or employees that are active.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology, web application and contemporary GUI

You need no server infrastructure – you only need a user account. Up-to-date cloud technology and graphical user interface offer excellent user experience, simple and user-friendly solutions. 

Work process optimization

Optimize work processes

Automated calculations and communication via a unified platform cut the time needed to communicate, and optimize the processes. Savings in time mean lower labor costs and higher productivity.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Compliance with laws and regulations, information protection

Changes to laws and regulations governing employment relationships and personal data protection are promptly implemented in the application and applied. In accordance with ISO standards, we ensure the highest level of information security.

Make the best of the advantages


Packages and pricing

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