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Time and Attendance terminal TA-500

The TA-500 Time and Attendance terminal supports employee attendance tracking, meal ordering in organization's catering facility and meal utilization monitoring, opening of doors as part of Access Control, and ticket payment in public transport.

TA-500 is a product of Četrta pot's in-house development and manufacturing, and is distinguished by reliable operation supporting a variety of identification media, including mobile phones, and features rugged construction, which makes it suitable also for heavy industry environments.

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Registracijski terminal TA-500


1. High-quality construction

Developed and manufactured in Slovenia. Rugged casing. Reliable technology.

2. Customizable terminal touch-keys

Touch-keys on the lower part of terminal display can be customized so that employees are able to indicate different types of work activity (e.g. business trip, personal errands, meal break, coffee break, cigarette break, overtime, on-call duty and other extraordinary events) or select a meal with catering provider. According to the number of touch-keys the client requires to be displayed, they can be placed in a suitable array (e.g. 2×2, 3×3 or 4×3) and adjusted in size.

3. Displays up-to-date information

The terminal displays current date and time, and when employees register their clock-in and clock-out events, the terminal displays their current balance of days of leave, hours worked, and any messages.

4. Supports a variety of ID media

A contactless reader supporting ID cards at 125 kHz, or a reader supporting ID cards and smartphones at 13.56 MHz is installed in the terminal. Both types of readers can be installed at the same time.

5. Simple power supply

The terminal is powered via communication line (PoE).

6. Storage of events

Terminal memory can store up to 400,000 clock-in and clock-out events.


The TA-500 terminal is a stand-alone unit that provides comprehensive support to Time and Attendance tracking in a variety of institutions and companies, and supports public transport fare collection.

Examples of use:

Additionally to basic functions related to Time and Attendance registration, the terminal enables you also to:


Dimensions 150 x 200 x 72 mm

Color touchscreen display, resolution 480×640 pixels, LED-backlit TFT technology

Touch-keys Customizable touch-keys on the touchscreen
Built-in RFID card reader

13.56 MHz supports MIFARE DESFire EV2 cards and smart phones (Android, iOS), range approx. 5 cm

125 kHz, supports Hitag 1 and EM4xxx cards

Built-in OS Linux
System, software and data storage Flash, 256 MB
RAM DDR2, 256 MB
Communication with server Ethernet, optionally RS485, USB, 3G, WiFi
TCP/IP communication Built-in Ethernet, 100 Mbps
Communication security TLS 1.2 encryption
Database communication Internal network
Data transfer rate 100 Mbps
Remote software updates Yes
Remote operation monitoring Yes
Power External PoE power supply or 12 V DC
Power over communication line Yes, standard PoE 15 W
Autonomous power supply system (battery) Dependent on external UPS system
Boot time 10 seconds
Mounting On the wall
Compliance with standards

EN 300 330, EN 301-489-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 60950-1


More information?

Telefon +386 4 280 66 00
Email info@cetrtapot.si

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