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Četrta pot is a leading Slovenian IT company specializing in advanced information systems for HR Management, Time and Attendance and Payroll, as well as public transportation ticketing. Both software and hardware are a result of in-house development and manufacturing.

The company has been an important player in the development of the Gorenjska region capital for three decades. The team of 85 regularly employed professionals keeps up with the pace of cutting-edge technology trends in the development and manufacturing of hardware, electronics, advanced identification technologies and software solutions.

We are the first on the domestic market to provide a unified online platform for the digitization of HRM, Time and Attendance and Payroll processes integrated into the KADRIS 4 solution.

Our mission is to implement customized, state-of-the art and easy to use IT solutions that facilitate companies and organizations in their keeping up with market changes and adapting to amendments to laws and regulations. All Četrta pot’s solutions, together with all the hardware and software, are proprietary solutions, and we provide in-house development, manufacturing, servicing, training and user support. This is the basis on which we are able to provide customized solutions compliant with local laws and regulations and compatible with existing systems.

Our diligence and reliability are the fundamentals of long-term cooperation with our business partners. Close to 1.200 Slovenian companies and organizations of all sizes in private and public sectors trust our business solutions.

“Our objective is to digitize the entire HR management process, boost operation efficiency and enhance the business performance of our and your organization.”

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