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Access Control

Access control

Access control is intended for limiting and controlling access to:

  • data in the information systems (logical access control - PKI) or
  • buildings and premises (physical access control) with identity card readers.

Physical access control includes systems for primary safety when an individual control unit monitors one door (higher safety, higher price), and secondary safety when an individual control unit monitors several doors (simplicity, lower price).

Access to Wardrobe Lockers

Access to wardrobe lockers

This is a solution which is widely used in tourism as well as in other fields. The system is very easy to use. The employee places the card near the reader and the locker opens. If he forgets to bring the card with him, the closet can be opened by an authorised co-worker. Opening of the closet using force triggers an alarm in the security service control centre.

Reception - Monitoring of Visitors

Monitoring of visitors

A part of business culture and overall security in every organisation is also the reception, identification and monitoring of visitors. The solution for this field is the Reception Desk module which serves as support for the work at a reception desk and analysis of data about the visitors and the employees receiving the visitors.

Monitoring the Security Inspection Services

Monitoring the inspection services

At the end of a working day the employees usually rush home and sometimes forget to turn off the lights and electric cookers, to close or lock the doors and other 'trifles', which may be expensive and dangerous for the company. The majority of these risks can be avoided by regular tours of inspection carried out by firemen or the security service. The question remains whether the inspections are really carried out and when and where they are carried out. The solution to this problem is offered by the Inspection Tour module featuring the GS-2000 mobile registration system.

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